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Comments from Parents of Athletes Now in College

Joseph Thuney
Kettering Alter Class of 2011

North Carolina State

"Joseph had an unuasual situation in playing offense and defense his senior year and Tom was able to improvise and create the video best suited for the position the college coach wanted..." Read More

Cody Byers
Kettering Alter Class of 2010

University of Wisconsin

"Several coaches recalled certain plays and talked about them making us know that the video was just what they needed to see.  The process was so simple for us..." Read More

Cody Taulbee
Kettering Alter Class of 2009

Brown University

"Tom is always willing to help your athlete any way he can to promote your son’s dream of being a college football player.  With Tom the process is quick and inexpensive compared to how much others are paying for this service." Read More

Hayley McKeta
Tippecanoe High School Class of 2011

West Virginia Wesleyan College

“Tom Suttman did a first rate video highlighting my daughter’s goalkeeping skills! ...Once I provided the coach with the video the conversation quickly turned from being just a visit to a signing discussion!” Read More

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