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Corporate Video Services

Tom Suttman Productions can provide video services
for your internal and external business needs.

Corporate Video Services:
• Web Page Videos
• Product / Service / Demos
• Fund Raising
• Testimonials
• Event Productions & Promotions
• Corporate Education
• Web-based and DVDs

Web Page Videos

More and more companies are adding video to their web sites.

As the example video shows, you can connect directly and concisely with potential customers with an embedded video on your web site.

The best part is that adding video to your web site can be very economical to do.

Email Tom to discuss your video ideas.
Product / Service / Demo Videos

Videos provide a proven method of showing off your products and services.

Embed your videos on your website, play them at trade shows or kiosks, send them out in direct mail.

The example video is part of a video that a hospital medical education department mailed to promote their residency program.

Email Tom to discuss your video ideas.
Fundraising Videos

Tom Suttman Productions can help with your organization fundraising!

Tell your story in a video you embed on your web site. Link to the video in your promotional email. Show your video at your fundraising event.

A high school used the example video in their capital campaign.

Email Tom to discuss your video ideas.
Testimonial Videos

Testimonials for your product or service are given a personal touch when you hear and see them in a video.

Let your clients tell their story about your products and services.

A high school used the example video to promote the school to active military personnel who were moving to Dayton, OH.

Email Tom to discuss your video ideas.
Event Promotions Videos

Is your company or organization planning an event?

Use a video invitation on your web site or in your email promotions!

The example video was used to promote a company's national user conference.

Email Tom to discuss your video ideas.
Corporate Education Videos

Does your company need to train its employees?

Consider using video presentations to standardize corporate education. Access videos online or on DVD.

The example video is a typical PowerPoint presentation at an orientation class.

Email Tom to discuss your video ideas.
Prices Businesses Can Afford

Tom Suttman Productions is committed to providing
professional video services at reasonable rates.

Feel comfortable contacting TSP to discuss your needs.

Large or small, we will do everything we can to fit your budget.

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